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Online application (2023 Edition) and rules for the Nexus/Nexis Trusted Traveler /Frequent Traveler Canadian US Border Crossing Pass

Nexis Pass (a.k.a. Nexus Border Pass) in 2022

The Nexis Border Pass is a Trusted Traveler program operated jointly by the United States and Canadian border patrols. The Nexus Pass enables you to cross the US-Candain border more quickly than usual, based on your enrollment in the "trusted traveler program" administered by a collaboration between the US goverment (Homeland Security and Canadian Border Patrol (CBP)) and the Canadian government (Canadian Border Services Agency).

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, and extreme differences between Canadian and American COVID restrictions, policies, and regulations, the rules for Canadian border crossing are more confusing than ever.

Canadian/US Border Crossing with Nexus: Recent Experiences

We select the most important user submissions to share here. Thank you for sending in your experiences to share with others (send yours to info at nexispass dot com):

September 2022: Sumas, (WA) - "Still with the vaccine requirements, sigh. It's obvious that many people have figured out to to appear to fit into one of the many "special categories" that are permitted to enter Canada without proof of vaccines, while the honest people are prevented from entering."

August 2022: Osoyoos (Oroville, WA) - "ArriveCan system is not working properly. Again."

July 2022: The Truck Crossing (WA) - "crazy how the construction is STILL going on, even with all the free time they had with the border closed."

June 2022: Blaine (WA) Crossing - "It seems so unfair that Canadians are crossing constantly, but we Americans are still facing unreasonable restrictions, even with the Trusted Traveler card."

Sept 2022 Canadian/US Border Crossing with Nexus: Answers

What does a Nexus border card look like?
Where is the local Nexus application / renewal office near me?
Can I use a Nexus card at the airport?
Is the Nexis card valid for International travel?
Is the Nexis card a valid official border document?
How much is the Nexus card renewal fee?
Can I update the photo on my Nexus card?
They took away my Nexus card. What can I do?

For answers to these questions and more, plus full official information about Nexis and the Nexis Pass, visit one of these informative websites:

  • @Nexus : Consumer information about the Nexus Pass with people's actual experience (good and bad).
  • Permanent Link to the online Nexus application.
  • US Visit Program for Overseas Travelers
  • Nexus' program "Official" Canadian web page (US citizens do better with the site listed above).
  • Wikipedia page for the program (this page is out of date and should not be trusted).
  • website describing the various regulations governing US border crossings.